When we are conceived in the womb of our mother, we hear echoes and noises from outside coming to us through the fluid that surrounds us, sounds become watery, reverberant.
That’s the first thing you feel and perceive before the human voice, speech, language or any other sound.
And always, beneath these echoes and resonances, the heart of who takes us inside, beating constantly with an average of 127 bpm, the sound of echography: boum, boum, boum, boum …
For nine long months we hear it, spiced with the sounds from outside who come to us in a diffuse way and get incorporated into our genetic code.
Techno basically consists of these sounds, a transcript of the reality of what we hear before birth, so the steady beat, the bass, the echoes and repetition bring this particular energy to us.
If you want to understand our music, dive into your ancient origins, there is the answer.


About softwarerecords

Label started in Madrid , Spain in 2004 founded by Hd Substance under Good Mood distribution production ( now defunkt)..., alongside his fellow labels Shareware and Hardware. Now SOFTWARE is the survivor on vinyl. Our main focus is to release quality electronic dance music, clean, with high productions skills and with a Story behind. NO minimal nonsense bleeps or monotracks Label team includes well known producers from all over the world as Iñaki Marín, Xpansul, Jaumetic, Swat Squad , Mouse Up, D.a.r.y.l. or Tigerskin. After several years Software has got nothing but support and good feedbacks from the most selected dj's all over the globe. You can buy our stuff on vinyl in every dedicated record store as www.decks.de or www.juno.co.uk and you can download our previous releases now sold out on vinyl via www.beatport.com
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