Hey there, It’s been dissappearing time again for our label, and again we come back from the ashes, expect new label activity soon, new artists, new release schedule and NEW ENERGIES!

Stay Tuned.

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Countdown for the District 909 live @ Movement Festival, Detroit.

District 909 team is already on the USA, preparing their analog live set for the Movement Festival …If cannot make it to the D, connect the streaming via Resident Advisor. See ya There!!!

Follow District 909 on Facebook , see them on video and download their latest stuff recorded live.

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Software 018_Hd Substance_Exit remixes … out today!

Today is the day listen and buy @

Software 018_Hd Substance_Exit remixes

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Hi there, May will be the District 909 month for some reasons, the Analogue live duo from our mothership Monofunk will be performing live @ Movement Festival, Detroit, on Monday 30 at the Underground Stage.

If you are around the Detroit area during the festival days, Hd Substance & Tim Baker plus Dj Traxx, Lele Sacchi & Deepak Sharma, will be playing music @ FLAT 151 on Sunday May 29 from 11 onwards.

Here you can listen and download the District 909 Live set:

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Release information

Catalog nr.: Software 018 Album name: Exit Remixes Release type: Ep Artist: Hd Substance Genre: Techno Sub Genre: Dub Techno Copyright: Software Records 2011 Publishing: Monofunk 2011 Remixed by: Annie Hall, Leandro Gámez, Slick, Raszia, Ecleclover Producer: Hd Substance Composer: Luis Rozalén

Press release:

Exit is the last track on Hd Substance’s Hardware CD album, in this digital release we provide five fine remixes of the original versión. Annie Hall makes an IDM dubstepped mixture preserving the main spirit of the main version. Leandro Gámez goes back in town with his harsh and rude reversion. Slick, from Tadeo’s cyclical tracks label injects some classic techno flavour. Raszia, makes it rude, berghain style. And Eclec Lover does it in the dubby way, echoes and liquidness. 

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Hi everyone, here you can download SOFTWARE 018.1, The free downloadable version of our next release, featuring the best candidates of our remix contest, 8 tracks ranging from tech house, rave or techno.

Listen and Download here:

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Hello everyone, today is the day, last friday we closed the deadline for sending the remixes for the EXIT contest, with  more than 30 works sent.

We have selected 10 among them, and finally 3 for release on SOFTWARE 018.

As all the contributors are spanish speakers, I switch to my own language for this message.

Estamos encantados con la acogida que ha tenido el concurso, los diez trabajos preseleccionados son de muy buena calidad y muy diversos en cuanto a estilos. Esta avalancha de calidad nos ha hecho replantearnos el destino de todos estos remixes, e intentar que vuestro trabajo no caiga en saco roto, así pues y a modo de olimpiada hemos decidido editar en Software tres trabajos, medallas de oro, plata y bronce. Y editar una referencia paralela en descarga gratuita incluyendo el resto de trabajos, si vosotros nos dais vuestro permiso.

Así pues el line up de SOFTWARE 018_Exit remixes, quedaría así:

Line up oficial:

Hd Substance_EXIT_ANNIE HALL REMIX by Software records

HD Substance-Exit(Leandro Gámez Remix) by Software records

Ganadores del concurso:

Hd Substance_Exit-Slick remix by Software records

HD Substance – Exit (Raszia remix) by Software records


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